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Day 3 – My Top 3 Pet Peeves

My Top 3 Pet Peeves People invading my personal space – I can’t stand it! Don’t come into my personal space or bubble, unless I invite you! Constant noise- Ugh – Shhh! – Quiet please! Smacking while you chew your food! Close your mouth when you chew!        
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Day 2 – Something That Someone Told Me About Myself That I Will Never Forget

Something That Someone Told You About Myself That I Will Never Forget
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Day 1- 10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

Hello friends! It has been a while! My writing fell off as my dad’s illness got worse and he ultimately passed away. But to spark the blog off again and get back into the habit off writing,  have decided to take part in the 30 day Writing Challenge! So here goes day 1! 10 Things…
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8 Companies Hiring Online Teachers

Do you love teaching, but hate the daily commute and politics that come along with working with most local public and private school systems?  Well teaching online from the comfort of your own home (or whatever location you choose), might just be the perfect compromise for you. Here is a list of 8 companies that…
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10 Companies Where All Employees Work Remotely

While most companies still insist on commuting to work, powerful apps and high speed internet have made it possible for just anyone to work from home. Although face time is still important for navigating the nuances of communication, team building, and collaboration, you don’t have to work in the office for you to be successful.…
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I Got My Life At Blogher17

I was blessed last week (June 22-24, 2017) to go to the Blogher17 Conference put on by SheKnows media and I am seriously wondering why I have not made an effort to go before now. It took place at the Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort in beautiful Orlando, Florida, although I stayed off site at a…
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Delayed But Not Denied

This beautiful young lady just graced my inbox all the way from Africa! Speaking of Africa… I have a new business venture in the works with local vendors in Uganda! #DelayedButNotDenied I will get to you!   Wanna Be Apart Of Our Adoption Journey? Please Click Here To Make A Donation!  
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Somebody’s Happy!

Somebody is happy school is starting tomorrow! – New pics from baby girl this morning! Delayed but not denied… I will make it to you baby girl!   Wanna Be Apart Of Our Adoption Journey? Please Click Here To Make A Donation!  
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About is a lifestyle blog that focuses on single/solo parenthood, adoption, including my current international adoption journey, foster care, preparing to move to Africa, working from home and living a location independent lifestyle.


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