While most companies still insist on commuting to work, powerful apps and high speed internet have made it possible for just anyone to work from home. Although face time is still important for navigating the nuances of communication, team building, and collaboration, you don’t have to work in the office for you to be successful. As matter of fact, big companies such as Slack and Microsoft allow their workers to operate remotely. They care more about what their team members can produce instead of working in the same room.  However, they are not the only ones, Here is list of 10 companies where all of their employees work remotely:


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1. 10up

As a web design and a development consulting service company, 10up has over 120 team members spread worldwide and stays connected through hangout, Slack, and plain old text. If you are looking for remote work in design, web strategy, and engineering, you should take a look at 10up. This organization is always looking for systems, administrators, project managers, advertising specialists, engineers and designers.

2. Automattic

This is among the first companies to adopt the culture of remote work. Responsible for creating wordpress.com and a variety of other products, Automattic is currently valued at $1 billion. It uses its 400 plus team to power almost 24% of all the internet and websites today. Apart from the email, it uses an internal blog called P2 and chat to keep up with its employees.

3. Arkency

As a consulting agency, Arkency is concerned with training programmers, building business software and producing books and webinars. They have employed talented coders who communicate well while prioritizing their work. They have also come up with a system to help their workers thrive through a culture that’s centered on remote work. If you have programming skills, the company welcomes you to contact them.

4. Buffer

With a 42 plus members, Buffer is another organization with a team that’s distributed across the world. By distributing their members across different time zones, team members can communicate to their customers around the clock. To ensure that their team remains productive and happy they provide all the tools and resources that they need. They’ve also set up a salary structure that’s based on the location of their workers. They champion a culture of mutual respect and trust among their members.

5. Zapier

Zapier is a company that’s always open to any job candidate as long as they are based in the US. They champion remote work so much that they connects the app that their employees use so that they can get more out of the data. With a focus of getting the work done they prefer to work smart instead of working harder. When a new worker joins them they are furnished with a list of app that they will be using. To ensure that they build teamwork they always go on a retreat.

6. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a unique company that allows you to add social media updates so that you can post them according to your schedule. After posting every update, the company will repost them in order to reach a wide audience. Started in 2014 it currently has workers spread all across Canada and US. Edgar also offers affiliate programs. The employees seem like a talented bunch of people.

7. Groove

Groove  – There are so many reasons that will make you admire this company. They are not only successful but they also have a stellar story telling approach. Their success can be attributed to the kind of culture that they have adopted. According to them, to succeed you must hire good remote workers. Just like other companies they do not expect their members to be on their desks throughout the day. Each of their members should only work when they are productive.

8. Fire Engine Red

Fire Engine Red normally provides the technology, marketing and data solutions that’s need in the business market. Since their founding in 2001, they have done almost 100% with over 80 team members and over 500 clients. They use instant messaging and Skype on a daily basis and their employees are very entrepreneurial. Instead of thinking like employees they usually think like the owners of the company.

9. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a company that assist job seekers to find part-time jobs and other legitimate telecommuting jobs. It’s, therefore, no surprise that it’s a remote company. Its current team crosses almost 6 time zones and they use tools such as Sococo, Slack, join.me and Google apps to communicate with their members. Apart from working from their home offices they also enjoy unlimited vacations and other packages.

10. Basecamp

Basecamp, Previously known as 37Signals, this is perhaps the godfather of remote work. Their focus has been making life bearable through remote work. According to them, you need to design a particular place in your house for remote work. They believe that work should be challenging, interesting, and engaging.

Telecommuting is the wave of the future. As technology advances, more and more companies will move towards making the majority of their positions remote. These 10 are just a start.


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  1. Margaret | Reluctant SAHM on July 7, 2017 at 7:56 pm

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