Sooo…. I saw this posted over on Mommy Goes Bananas blog and I thought it would be fun to play along with here goes…100 things about me!

Who’ll be next?  Post your link in the comments…..

1. I’m pretty sure I have A.D.D.
2. I love to travel. I wish I could pack the kids up, hire a full time tutor/nanny and travel all of the world for the rest of our lives.
3. I have 2 adopted sons.
4. I think the internet is the best invention EVER!!!!!!
5. I’d rather read than watch TV most any day.
6. I used to be a dancer (no not a stripper  type dancer, just in case you were wondering)
7. I have very low tolerance for B.S.
8. I despise talking on the phone unless it is to my man, a guy I like,  a close family member, or a good friend (emphasis on  CLOSE family & GOOD friend).    Otherwise I make it short and quick….
9. I spend at least 8-12 hrs on the internet everyday.
10. But #9 is ok because part of my business involves  building websites and that requires me to be on the internet a lot.
11. I have started or help to start 6 businesses. I have been the owner or co-owner of 4 of them.
12. I am very lactose intolerant, but I drink milk and eat cheese &  ice cream like nobody’s business…..That soy crap sucks…..
13. I haven’t been on date in over 2 years..
14. Sad but I probably can count the “real dates”  I’ve been on my 2 hands……probably 1 hand
15. I’m a big kid.
16. Only my close friends/family know this..but I stay cracking jokes..some people would even say I’m funny…
17.  Victoria Secrets –  Love Spell is my absolute favorite!!! Lotions, body spray, body wash etc…… (My b-day is coming up -hint hint)
18. I have a”slight” obsession with the movie Rent. I am sure I could watch it everyday
19. Up until I became a parent..I would spend hours singing and dancing in front of the mirror….I can count the times I’ve done that since I became a parent.
20. I’ve cursed way more times than I’d like to admit to since I have became a parent.
21. I’m really junky. I can’t find anything when it’s all put away….. This is very common for people w/ INFP personalities
22.I  like to describe my life as “Organized Chaos”
23. I  have a huge crush on Brad Pitt. Hey, who wouldn’t love a guy who digs single adoptive mothers… lol
24. I secretly have always wanted to be a Superhero, a Spy or a Ninja…OR ALL THREE in (I’m not joking)
25. My superhero name would be “The Incredibly FlyGirl” – (Because I am so incredibly fly and all…lol)
26.  My super powers would be the ability to understand the complicated creature known as the HUMAN MALE and I would have all superman’s powers and all ninja abilities…lol
27. My superhero  cryptonite (weakness) would be (Ha Ha Ha -If I tell you. I’d have to kill
28. I love the Movie Kick @ss  (Don’t judge me…lol)
29. Hit Girl was my favorite character in the movie Kick @ss
30. I secretly wished I was Hit Girl while I was watching the movie…..
31. My favorite character in Iron Man 2, is Scarlett Johansson’s character  – The whole time she was kicking people’s butt in the movie..I was pretending it was
32. My car has always been my “fortress of solitude”  I could spend hours in there alone….Parked in the driveway…..
33. I’m a great independent learner. I can teach myself most anything..If I am interested in it that is….
34. I love the beach!!!!!!
35. I am thinking of adopting again next year…Possibly HIV+ children
36. I REALLY like my ALONE time, but I can’t stand being lonely..Yes, there is a difference.
37. I’m constantly around people, but I am lonely most of the time.
38. I’m ready to settle down and get married.
39. I love people that “GET ME”.
40. I have very few friends and I love them to pieces.
41. It takes me sometime to truly let somebody in my guarded little heart, but once I do watch out cause I LOVE HARD!!!!
42. My greatest strengths ARE my greatest weaknesses: I love  way too hard and I can find good in even the most unlovable people.
43. I love skittles,. I won’t share them w/ my kids.
44. I eat Cami Cakes like they are going out of style.
45. I love Bruster’s  Birthday Cake Ice Cream.
46. I have gained 20 lbs since last year, probably because I eat too many skittles, Cami Cakes and Bruster’s Ice cream.
47. In 2008 I lost 30 lbs. and looked anorexic.
48. I wish I could find a happy medium weight and stay there.
49. I have been born again for over 15 years now. almost 16 years.
50. I desire to be closer to Jesus.
51. I’m not as close as I used to be.
52. I am disgusted with the modern day church.
53. I feel bad because I am disgusted with the modern day church
54. I have a degree in Recording Industry Management (Music Business Concentration)
55. I taught myself Web and Graphic design over 13 years ago.
56. I must say that has been one of the most profitable things I have ever learned.
57. I LOVE marketing.
58. My favorite movie is the Five Heartbeats.
59. A few years ago I did a blog post on the 5 movie titles that could describe my love life.
60. SADLY, the SAME 5 MOVIE TITLES still describe my love live.
61. Those movie titles are: 1. Thin line between love and hate  2. Just Friends 3. Why do fools fall in love 4. Love Jones & 5. Fighting Temptations
62. Now that I think about it #1 Movie Title NO longer applies to me.
63.It would now be replaced with “Waiting to Exhale” lol
64. I often think I am a horrible parent.
65. I worry A LOT that I am screwing up my kids for life.
66. I don’t like tea or coffee
67. I don’t eat tomatoes on my hamburger
68.For years I wouldn’t eat Chinese food bc I ended up in the hospital after eating some one time.
69. I just recently started back eating Chinese food.
70. I have dubbed PF Changs my favorite Chinese food restaurant.
71. I still get crushes like a 12 y/o school girl…but they only come every so often (like every few years) when I meet someone special.
72. I have a crush on someone right now..(Someone in real life…not
73.   Brad Pitt is the  exception to #71, he will always and forever be my baby’s daddy (lol)
74. I am a night owl.
75. I feel light years behind most women when it come to dating and love
76. Partially BC I am a 30 year old virgin and partially bc It is hard for me to trust people w/ my heart, so I only let people I feel I can trust in close enough to get to me.
77. I have had only 1 serious relationship in my adult life.
78. I have dated (or got to know) many guys but I would go out on a limb and say most 16 years old have more experience than I do….lol

79. I think deep down I enjoy being single

80. But I think I would also equally enjoy having a companion

81. I tend to be attracted to men younger than me. (Don’t ask me I don’t know why)
82. l am also highly attracted to musicians, singers and entertainers… But not from a groupie standpoint #dontgetittwisted
83. I think that is due to my line a work (I am around them quite often- entertainers that is)
84. I think it is also because we share common interests….Nothing like people who dig what you dig… Now if I can find an entertainer who wants to adopt, loves kids, and digs missions/humanitarian aid then I would be all set.
85.Hey doesn’t Brad Pitt fit the description of #84?…lol
86. I am highly introverted
87. That last statement shocks most people who have never met me in real life.
88. I drive a Ford Explorer
89. I have always wanted a Ford Explorer – God is faithful
90. When I was a child I dreamed of being just what I am now
91. I am a living testimony that dreams do come true.
92. I love to give.
93. I believe I have the “gift of giving”
94. I love to fly
95. I haven’t flown anywhere since I got my kids….
96. It’s too expensive to fly with kids.
97. My kids pray for a daddy everyday.
98. I really hope God answers their prayers while they are still young.
99. I really don’t want them to grow up without a daddy.
100. For better of for worse..I LOVE ME SOME ME!!!!!!


  1. Kathy on July 23, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    OMGoodness…. I think you are my sister. LOL

    I’m also a INFP personality.( We only make up 1% of the population) I’ve never been a Brad Pitt fan for some reason. My favorite adoptive father/entertainer is Hugh Jackman.I swoon at the very sight of him. I’ve also done some website design. I’d love to own a bakery that sells….Cupcakes like CamiCakes. I LOVE Ice Cream Cake !! I liked Kick A**, too. I could go on and on. WOW, I had no idea we had so much in common.

  2. Mommy to the Monsters on July 25, 2010 at 4:41 am

    YAY!!!! I have a new sister – INFPs rock!!!!

  3. Chasing Joy on August 7, 2010 at 1:43 am

    Hi. I did the 100 things about me too. I enjoyed reading your list and gave a link to your blog on my blog. Here is the link to my 100 things

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