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Anyway on to the post…

We just got back from Tennessee from visiting my future dh and his family (yes I said it..even though I am still not yet OFFICIALLY engaged..I know it’s

We had a blast…Joey lives on a farm, so the kids got to play with all kinds of animals….that is when they weren’t crying because they were scared of them…Dang city

Looks like instead of Joey moving down here, we will be moving up there. He just got a job up there and besides I was going to have to look for another job any way at the end of this year because the contract will be up on my job in Dec and my lease is up on this house in July and the cost of living is way cheaper than here….So the plan is now to move up there by summer’s. end.

The kids will be spending the summer in Tennessee at their new Grandpa’s request….that will be great because I won’t have to pay for daycare for 3 kids for an entire summer and it will give me a chance to tie up all my loose ends here without dragging around 3 kids….

Of course all this is tentative…..we may move before or after this summer….only God knows…and as far as the wedding….God only knows when that will happen too…we are in no rush…

2008 will definitely be a year of new beginnings for me and my family….
Anyway you know I had to include pics….
This is me and my nephew Dootie (Joey’s sister’s son).
He just turned 1 y/o last month and he is almost 35 lbs.

This is my boys riding the 4 wheeler
This is my big nephew L , my little nephew Dootie and Destructo (back to the camera)
This is Chocolate Thunder and my little nephew Dootie
Here are the cows

Here are the ducks

Here are the chickens

Boogy (That boy is so darn cute!)

Dootie and Boogy


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