As you guys may know by know, I am planning my escape from the US. Me and my little family are slowly but surely making our way to Jinja, Uganda. In the meantime, I am doing as much research as possible.

While doing extensive research on moving abroad, I came across many other African American expats who are currently living abroad successfully.  Here is my list of 5 Vlogs of African Americans Living Abroad You Need to Follow Now:

Black in China



Black in China  is a guerrilla style ethnographic series are firsthand accounts of Black people’s accounts of living in the People’s Republic of China. These members of the African Diaspora are “western” by experience, hailing from the Antigua & Barbuda, Canada, Cuba, Dominica, Equatorial Guinea, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, the UK, the USA, and Venezuela. Their professions range from teachers, to entertainers, to entrepreneurs, all attempting to amalgamate and function to the life of the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong.

All of the participants happily shared their likes, dislikes, business experiences, and advice to provide a voice to the Black expatriate voice of China.  This channel was inspired by the lack of diverse representation of the experiences of people seeking overseas opportunities in the People’s Republic of China.

Tia Taylor


Tia Taylor  is an Half Jamaican, Half Nigerian, American born girl living in Milan, Italy, Her youtube channel contains an abundance of information on fashion and beauty, but she also talks about her experience as a black expat in Europe.

Young Black Expats International

Young Black Expats International  – Mitch and Donna are a fabulous couple who first started their expat journey in Costa Rica, but have since relocated to Medillin, Columbia. Their youtube vlog outlines their life journey and the lives of others black expats.

 Ms. Black Expat

Ms Black Expat is a single mom currently living in and teaching in an international school in Kampala, Uganda. Her story resonates with me for because I am also making plans to move to Uganda and she is also a single mom of an African American son

On her Youtube channel, she discusses locs, living overseas in Uganda, relationships,  and self development. Her vlogs have been a valuable asset to me and will also be to anyone who is single and making plans to move abroad.

African Americans In Africa


African American In Africa is an awesome vlog about an black woman who lives in Namibia, Africa. She started her journey as a teacher and has since gotten married to a Nambian man and has a young son. Not only does she outline her life in Nambia on her youtube channel, her blog also has interviews of several African Americans living abroad in different countries in the continent of Africa.



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