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525,600 minutes…..How do you measure……measure a year?

I started this on 7/11/2006 and I just now finished it….

Guess what you guys I really did it.I kept up a blog for one whole year….Can you believe it? I am so proud of myself…(I’m doing my happy dance!)

What has happened in a year..Let’s revisit the 6 topics I discussed in my very 1st post: I’m really going to do it this time, to see what progress I’ve made in a year……Not much..Pretty sad..huh?

My Spiritual Life:

Well I have had ups and down in my spiritual life this past year…My faith has certainly been tried and strengthen..For the most part I have stayed faithful..but I still have some growing to do…..Lord please help me..Ya’ll pray for me!!!!!

Real Estate Investing:

Well, Nothing really came of bird dogging. I found hundreds of houses, but they never bought any I referred..SO oh well! The guy who I was working with did call me ther other day.. but I haven’t gotten back with him…..(I’m just a lazy bumb) …..I do plan on getting back into real estate investing …a good friend of mine from College, Keith (Hey Keith). He is really doing big things in real estate , well at least starting to do big things.. He came down here almost a year ago from Tennessee to go to this seminar with me….I was the one who sign up for the seminar….and he is doing WAY better than me.. My boy should be getting his first investment property real soon. And he is having YOURS TRULY write out the business plan for his new business….

Man, I have to give my boy a hand….Don’t forget about me when you are a millionaire!

Random thoughts:

Does life really get better than your college years?

Man, I miss my college friends! I miss my 20-30 people slumber parties. I miss spending all night out…(heck…all week out) without coming home…

OooOooOooOooOoo I miss going to my favorite spot on the river in Murfreesboro and to the waterfall and the trail with my homies…

Man we made miracles with the little bit of money we have.. I remember one time me, Andraea and Krystal went to Sonic and all 3 of us ate for $5 and got more than full! You get creative with the cash, when you barely have any.

I miss kicking it with the CEO family….Big Fella (Big Will)-My boy, just got a contract with Interscope Records…..I’m so proud..I remember the UMS/CEO Parties and Cookouts. I remember Big Will gourmet cheffing it for ya girl…..Practically living with Mike D and Big Will the summer after my sophmore year… Look out for Big Fella’s cooking show and his upcoming movie with Queen Latifah!- I ALWAYS knew this boy was heading for big things…. Bookie D (Mike D), the other Mike, Duck, & Big Kev and Lil Kev (Te’ Arthur the Great)….Man I still love ya’ll

I miss the Anointed Ladies of Alpha Theta Omega Christian Sorority, Inc. AAAO
Again I miss my 20-30 people slumber parties… I miss having the continual daily support of people who are wholeheartedly living for God without compromising..They kept me in line.. I need that so bad…I’m struggling.. Pray for me! Aileen, Ailisha..Ya’ll got all married and stuff and forgot about me.. that’s cool..Cause I ain’t gone nobody neither the first year I get married….lol

Andraea, MiMi, Krystal, April, and all the rest of ya’ll I love ya’ll man..holla atcha ya girl!

Jeremi, Jeremi, Jeremi, what can I say about my Jeremi… I love you girl…I miss you so much. I miss our slumber parties

And Joey….what can I say about Joey, there are not words to describe how much you mean to me… You are my root (Madea Goes to Jail…You know I have to always quote my movies)….I love you man!

Ok back to my topics:

Web Design:

Well as listed previously on this blog….I have started my own web design business: Anointed Purpose Designs and I now work for a web design compnay called website Pros. I hvae alove hate relatioship with web design (And that’sall I have to say about that- Forrest Gump-again a movie title)

My Adoption Journey
Well I want to officially start the adoption process in January 2007 as listed on the very first blog. As that approaches….the thought gets scarier and scarier…but it is definitely something that I still want to do.. I will keep you posted.

My First Home
Well that first home still hasn’t happened….(Life sucks-Just kidding) I still live with my mom, trying desperately to move out..with much opposition I might add!!! oh well..Tis life!

>And last and most definitely not least…

My Love Life

What can I say..not much has changed…I’m still the best bud to all my male friends…..added on a few more in the past year…still single..still no kids..but someday…. someday

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