I am totally in love with the new R&B group BRUTHA, and not just for their obvious good looks, because “dem boys can sang!!!” I get chills literally…

They have so much talent! It is a refreshing change (Like a breath of fresh air) to see a group that can actually sing…I am glued to their TV show every week….

They make me want to work full time in the music industry again. (If only someone would give me a job, especially since the one I have now will be eliminated effective December 31, 2008, but that’s another depressing post for another depressing time) Anyhoo, I haven’t been this excited about a male R&B group (really any singer/group) in years!!! I am definitely a fan!!!! (Trust me that is saying a whole lot!!!)

Anyway just wanted to share my new obsession…

Get the Brutha Album
December 23, 2008!

This is my favorite song right now!!!

Ok, just one more video about them singing at the inauguration in January!!
Brutha creates new song for Obama Presidential Inauguration

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