Well next weekend, L, my boys older brother, is coming for a visit. His Foster Mom (FM) called me today and said that she wouldn’t mind at all if he came and visited next weekend. I was originally going to do it as a Respite visit, but FM did not want to use her respite days. She says she is saving them for October, which is fine with me….I wasn’t asking could he come over for the money.. Trust me, it isn’t even enough to pay for the gas I am going to spend driving them around that weekend. (Especially since he lives on the other side of town and my truck only gets 16-22 mpg)

So now I am going to have to come up with something fun for us to do that weekend. I’m thinking the zoo, B would really love that too!!! I’m a little concerned as to how B, will act with his brother being here, he doesn’t like to share me with strange people..and yes his brother is strange people to him…They have never lived in the same home…….

I really wanted him to come this weekend, but FM says she has something planned. so oh well….

As far as the adoption of L , FM made no mention of it, and I didn’t bring it up either….I think she really wants him to stay with her because he has been with her most of his life, but she is an older lady and I don’t think she got into fostering to adopt and is now faced with the dilema of adopting a child she never expected to adopt and to add to that she just finalized the adoption of another child, she didn’t expect to adopt….

So for now, I will make NO MENTION of it to her, I will only talk to the Case Worker (CW) about it. If she chooses not to adopt him, I want the CW to be fully aware that I want to be considered. And in the mean time (in between time), as we wait on TPR, I am just going to enjoy our visits…I am going to try to make them at least one weekend a month (If that is ok with FM) and WHEN (I’m believing God for my vacation) I get to take my vacation this summer I pray to take him and Little Miss Sunshine (LMS) with me as well… (More news on LMS in another post..you’ll just have to stay tuned…)

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