Well I know many of you are probably wondering what happened to my adoptions plan to add a girl to my family.

Well to say they least, they have gotten sidetracked by all the current things going on our lives. BUT… I have not given up in the dream of adding more to our family. I am just waiting for a more ideal time…

What is a “more ideal time” you might ask?

Well there are a few things I want to accomplish before I add a child to the family:

  1. I want to add a consistent source of residual income to the household. My business is doing pretty good. But I want to get to the point where I am working less, and spending more time with my family.
  2. I want to purchase a home or at the very least move back into a large 4 or more bedroom home like I used to live in a few years ago. I currently live in a 2 bedroom apt. and we are literally busting at the seams, especially with all this homeschool stuff everywhere!
  3. I want to put at least a dent into my mountain of debt. It would be awesome if I could get rid of it completely, but to be realistic I more than likely won’t be doing that anytime in the near future.
Either ALL three of the above  must happen OR I must get married before I adopt again! I add in the marriage part as an “OR” because if I get married it would add more income to the household which would allow me to work less and also to put more money towards my debt.

But honestly if  these things don’t happen in the next 3-5 years, I am not sure I WILL EVER BE ADOPTING AGAIN!  Just because it is not my personal desire to raise children in MY HOUSEHOLD into my mid to late 50s and beyond, ESPECIALLY NOT AS A SINGLE WOMAN! 

I would much rather invest my time in missions, adoption advocacy, orphan related causes, and helping other people adopt at that stage of my life rather than STILL raising children in my household.

Now if I was to get married,  that 3-5 years I mentioned above may extend to 3-8 years. Because IDEALLY I wouldn’t have to raise these children alone. However, I seriously doubt that even if married, I would want to add any more children past age 40, which for me  is about 8 years away.

So there you have it…….I PRAY that I will be able to adopt again. I have a hankering feeling God is going to make sure I get everything accomplished or he may just circumvent my plans all together….He has a funny way of doing that to me 😉

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