Just thought I would give you guys a little update.

Haiti adoption is still moving at a snail’s pace, despite the promising news I received a few weeks ago. Still no match…Still none expected anytime soon…

Uganda adoption is moving along steadily. Because of the recent change of law, we are slowly feeling our way through how to get this done.

Orphan Investigation ( independent investigation that I chose to have done to confirm orphan status) has been completed this week and report is been written up. I expect to receive it next week. But from what I understand her orphan status has been confirmed and should be able to move forward with the adoption.

Now to the question, I keep getting the most: When are we leaving?

My original date to leave was/is March 14, 2017.

That date was contingent on a number of things

1.  Finding a remote job to supplement my business in slow times.

Found this is November of last year..And I have a few new business ventures that will sustain us while in country. And although minuscule, my kids adoption subsidy will at the minimum pay the rent and feed us if all else fails (which I am sure won’t fail)

2.  Being able to find an missionary/ internship position, so that we would be allowed to come on Missionary visas, which would legally allow us stay in the country for an extended period of time. In our case 1-2 years.

Well I have found a position with an organization 😁💖💞 They are single mom friendly and don’t care if the kiddos come to work with me ( Ben and Darius will continue to be home schooled. Baby girl will remain in her current school as long as we are in country)

And they fully understand and don’t mind that I can only work part time, due to having to still work my business.. because, well we still have to eat..lol

3.    Having the necessary funds to travel, get visas and initial living expenses.

4.  Having all ( or most) of the initial adoption funds needed. The total costs for this adoption is estimated at $20,000 +

Thank God not all of that is needed at once!

I will have to get an updated homestudy and at this point it is looking like it will have to be done abroad

The initial fees include:

Homestudy ($4500-$5000) -$2500 + SW travel to Uganda

Fees/ Court Costs ( $3000-$5000+)

Probation Officer costs ($0- unknown) Varies depending on district, day, what the temperature is, which way the wind blows.. Lol no seriously there is no set fee… Sometimes it’s nothing…But some families have paid $1000s. Let’s hope it is on the cheaper range.

Most of the other fees are due much later at least a year from the time I start officially fostering…

  • Agency Fee
  • USCIS Immigration Paperwork
  • Flights back home

The bad thing is I have exhausted all the grant sources. Most don’t even cater to single parents. But God is faithful and somehow, someway, I will get the $10k minimum needed prior to leaving.

Will you be praying with me?

Well that is it for now.. I am just working my butt off… Trying to fundraise ( although I have had a bunch of flops lately) and continuing to believe​ God will get me there.

But until then baby girl waits…

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