Well I am all moved in my new apartment..Still have to put away all this stuff and get the girls beds up by next Wed, Jan 17 for my homestudy and my health inspection which is next Thurs, Jan 18 (Just found that out today, the health inspector CALLED ME….I told her that I couldn’t have it done until after I moved and I would call her to schedule it, but she called me first)

One of my friends said he got his reference forms in the mail, so I assuming everyone else did as well, I politely emailed everyone and reminded them to check their mail, fill out and send back ASAP

So things are rolling along smoothly…Oh yeah I have to tell you my testimony….I called my leasing office Mon and they were saying on the phone that I had to sign another 12 month lease and I was like NO WAY!!!! But I went and talked to the leasing agent yesterday and she said she could probably get me a 7 month lease, but she had to talk to the manager..I was like well there is only 7 and 1/2 more months left in my lease anyway..But anyway to make a long story short I got the 7 month lease which ends on July 31 instead of Aug 31 which is when I would have had to leave if I stayed in the one bedroom..but get this….they prorated my Jan rent which I had already paid and didn’t charge me ANYTHING for the 9 days I lived in my one bedroom apt this month AND I have a $100 credit on my rent because that was the difference between the prorated rent for Jan and what I had already paid..

I wanted to flip through the streets…Well I’m pretty tired from moving and to add the fact I have to work tomorrow after moving all day….It’s sucks moving during the middle of the week….so TTFN..Ta Ta For Now!


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