So just as promised..answers to everyone’s FAQS about my adoptions…

How I came to adopt my 2 sons – 9 years ago and how did I come to the decision to adopt not only from Haiti, but also from Africa concurrently!


1. Why don’t I just get married and have my “own kids?”
2. Why am I moving to Uganda next year?
2. Why Ben and Darius will probably be staying in the U.S. initially when I go to Uganda?
3. Why do I cover up my daughter’s face when I post pictures online?
4. Why is the process so long and why does it cost so much?
5. How you can get started in the adoption process if you’ve been considering it.

And more…

You don’t want to miss this!!!!!.

Forewarning, it’s longer than I planned it to be ..but it is very entertaining…b


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