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As Seen On TV

Have you ever seen someone in real life that you have seen on TV? You’re kind of like Oh there is that person I see on TV all the time… Well that’s how I feel when I meet people I see/chat with online for the first time in real life…..

I had one of those moments today…I saw this guy who sent me a message on one of the online dating sites I joined, but I saw him totally by accident… I took Destructo to the movie theater which is attached to the mall for his birthday today(yesterday since it’s 1:30 am) We were walking inside the mall to get a cupcake and It happened…I saw him… the guy from online….I recognized him immediately, BUT he didn’t see me… and what was so funny is that he had on the same exact clothes that he had on in his picture online…LOL

I didn’t say anything because I never replied to his message, because from his profile and sorry (his looks) I was not attracted to him..Is that shallow…I feel bad…..

Especially since when I walked out the mall, he was outside sitting on the bench ALONE! I feel bad maybe I should have invited him to the movies with us 🙁

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