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Facebook is killing my blog!

I admit it! I am guilty! I tend to post everything on Facebook now and forget to come over here and tell you guys. I am going to try to do better. I might go back through my posts and tell you guys what is going on. We’ll see!

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Who are you people?

So I get hundreds of AWESOME visitors a month to the Mommy to the Monsters Blog, but very few of you leave comments ūüôĀ I would LOVE to know who you are and what brought you here Adoption posts? Homeschooling post? Single Parenting posts? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW and Let me know who you are and…

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How I Built My Own Homeschool Curriculum Pt 3 & 4

If you have been keeping up with our blog, you will know that I decided to¬†build my own home school curriculum. Today, I will discuss¬†Steps 6 on¬†Ejahi‚Äôs worksheet of Building your own Curriculum, which is:¬†Choose books and materials: make required reading list, putting together course of study topics, utilizing free online resources, shopping used book…

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How I Built My Own Homeschool Curriculum Pt 1

For several reasons I decided to build my own homeschool curriculum this year. With the help of Ejahi from Youtube (look her up) ¬†I used her¬†Steps to Building Your Own¬†Curriculum¬†worksheet¬†along with her¬†Youtube video¬†a few other websites, and I was able to build my own homeschool¬†curriculum. In this post, I will cover¬†Steps 1 and 2 of…

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Just Because I am Crazy Like That

Just because I am crazy like that. I decided to create/piece together my kid’s home school curriculum(including scope and sequence and lesson plans) instead of buying it….There are a few textbooks I MUST HAVE that I am going to purchase!!! But most of it is created /pieced together through information I found on the internet,…

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FOR SALE Complete Calvert Kindergarten Curriculum w/math

SOLD – I am selling Calvert Kindergarten curriculum w/math (Brand New)¬† purchase more curriculum for the upcoming school year. I only used one set during the 2011-2012 school year since my boys were both in Kindergarten. I did not use my second set. DISCLAIMER: The teachers manuals are Connections Academy’s version of the manuals, but…

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