I finally got somebody who was helpful over at the IRS and he told me that I do indeed have to file by mail. But I will not have to wait until after an investigation is done to get my refund. I just have to wait for them to process my paper return (5-7 weeks) according to the website.

Then this summer the irs will send out a notice saying these children were claimed on more than one tax return, if these children aren’t your qualifying dependents please file an amended tax return.

If they don’t file an amended tax return, which I really don’t suspect they will, and I am surely not going to, then this is when I have to send them proof that they were adopted and/or were in my home for more than 6 months last year.

Then the irs will the inform them that they have to pay the money back with interest and penalties or face jail time. Which is kind of sad that the irs waits that long because trust me they will have long since spent that money and none of them will have the money to pay it back by this summer. But I guess that is really not my problem.

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