Well my boys had court today, but I didn’t make it. However the boys cw called me as soon as she got out of court. She said mom showed up, but dad did not because he didn’t get served AGAIN (he is back in prison again), but he has his advisory hearing next week June 20th..Then Pretrial for both parents is July 11th and TPR Trial is July 18th

HOWEVER, none of this may be relevant and all court dates may be cancelled.. BECAUSE mom plans to voluntarily sign away her rights THIS FRIDAY June 15th. CW and soon to be new CW are picking her up from her home and bringing her to the office this friday….She said her only concern was that she would never get to see them again…. I told her that I would be willing some time in the future to let her see them, but only in a public place and only SUPERVISED….but if AT ALL POSSIBLE I am going to try with all my might not to have to have it included in the adoption agreement…I want it to be at my discretion not by a court order…..

She also wanted to see pics of the kids which the cw showed her. She said she was really excited to see them… I told cw that I would give her some pics to give to mom…….(sigh) I feel SOOOOOO bad for her, yet I am SOOOOOOOOO happy for me…..One minute I want to cry and the next I want to shout for joy…

They are also going to ask the dad to sign away his rights too….but not sure if he will or not.

Still no word on L…She said that they are playing it by ear with him…as in there is still no definite word on who will be adopting him….

I’ll let you guys know if she actually signs this friday and if dad is going to sign too ….and what is going on with L whenever I find that out.

In other news….

I had a visit with CT caseworkers yesterday and she said that he should be going home in another 3-4 months. She says mom is doing really good on her caseplan. She said that they will be going to unsupervised visits on Sat soon, but CT probably wouldn’t be going because he lives so far away from her. I told her that I would take him to his visits….I know..I know..I am such a pushover…..but I feel like if I am nice to her maybe she’ll le me see him in the future after he goes home.

Still more news…

I have been diligently searching for a house for about 2 months now…..and I have made an offer on one and didn’t get it, and thought I had found another one, but I went in it the other day to take another look and it was water everywhere..but not coming from the roof. It was coming from cracks in the wall and foundation….so I am pretty sure I am going to pass…..so the search continues….

Please continue to pray for me and my sons……

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