My “little angel” Boogy is SUSPENDED FROM DAYCARE until Wednesday of this week for hitting his teacher AGAIN. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as suspension from daycare!

When she told him that she was going to call his mama, he said: So, I’ll call my own mama! ARGH! He has been written on so many discipline warnings that they just got fed up with him and suspended him. Honestly I can’t say that I blame them. Next time he will be kicked out FOR GOOD!I wish I could say that the above mentioned was an isolated behavior but it is a daily occurence at school and at home.

I am so frustrated with him I don’t know what to do. I have tried EVERY form of discipline for him possible. Nothing works for him. He is LITERALLY back to doing the same thing he was doing before RIGHT AFTER the discipline is over.

He has NO impulse control and he talks non stop all day long, except for when someone wants him to talk. As in when he is supposed to be participating at school, he then goes off in a corner in his antisocial mood, because that gets him attention from the teacher because she has to stop what she is doing and take all focus off the other kids to put it on him.

He disturbs all the kids at nap time. He now has to lay next to the teacher everyday. (Which I honestly believe was his purpose in disturbing the other kids -so he could get more attention from the teacher).

He is one of those children who constantly and consistently needs attention ALL THE TIME. He is only completely behaved when ALL attention is on him at all times. Well, that is impossible at school or at home as I have 2 other children. I honestly focus more attention (positive and negative) on him than I do for both of my 1 y/o’s combined.

We start therapy Feb 15… Finally after months and months of begging to get him in…..

On top of that I have been pretty much sick non stop for the past 3 weeks. Just this morning I was running a fever, but I can’t afford to take any more days off work, so I am toughing it out. Both of my 2 youngest sons have been sick too. I took both of them to the ER this past weekend on 2 different days. I also took myself to urgent care this Saturday and got the same old spiel that nothing is wrong. All tests come back good. If that is true then why are my tonsils swollen nonstop and why I am I running a fever. But anyway!

Thanks for letting me vent! I really needed to “talk” to somebody

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