Today we had a visit with L, who I think I’ll refer to as “Lightning.” (Hence the CaChow, Ca Chow Post title – You have to be a fan of the movie Cars to get it) It was great. It was raining all day LITERALLY, so our plans for the zoo were a no-go….So we went and had Mc Donalds, and went to an indoor Birthday party and then to the mall…..We had so much fun!!!!

I fell INSTANTLY in love with Lightning, oh my gosh…he fit right in, like he had been here all his life… He didn’t cry, He didn’t whine.. he didn’t ask for his mom….He just played and had fun…I took him to my mom’s and my sister’s house and he walked in and started playing with toys like he had been there before….He isn’t shy in the least little bit…I even got a hug or two and a few cuddles.

Lightning didn’t understand at first that I was his brothers mommy…He thought I was just a transporter or a SW… He kept asking me, so where do they live? After about an hour of explainng to him he finally understood that I was there mommy….These poor kids…they probably don’t understand the concept of siblings to begin with and then we have to go and complicate it with having a million different moms and other caregivers…But ’tis life!

He is so sweet…He has that same brownish color hair like his brothers, but his hair is a little more coarse…He doesn’t look biracial at all….I never would have known he was if I didn’t already know…He is HUGE!!!! He is 3, He’ll be 4 this month or next month, But he appears to be 5 or 6 y/o.. NO JOKE! But I’m not surprised because Boogy could pass for a 4 y/o and he’s just 2.

The boys played and interacted SO WELL together. They were hugging and kissing and fighting and wrestling… Lightning was VERY protective of his brothers…He made sure, everyone knew that those were HIS brothers and you bet’ not be messin’ with them….Lightning is very bossy with the boys..he is VERY comfortable in his role as big brother. (lol)

It is so none of them grew up in the same home together, but they have the same mannersisms, they even pronounce some things the same and react to situations the same way….SCARY MAN, SCARY!!! It is so amazing how strong of a bond they have even though you can count the times on one hand that they have all spent time more than an hour together in their entire life.

I’m usually not the biggest advocate for demanding that sibling groups stay together, but I think these boys should be together if at all possible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to try to have him removed from his current foster please don’t stone me…..But If L’s Foster mom decides that she is FOR SURE not going to adopt him, I am going to fight tooth and nail to adopt him. (Whether she likes it or not!!- If you read past posts you’ll see to what I’m referring)

But anyway…..I’ll keep you guys posted…..

Final Thoughts

Please say a prayer for my church, Pastor and Bishops. There has been a lot of unnecessary chaos going on ..and I know that it is just a ploy of the enemy..But we cast him back down to the pits of hell where he came from and claim the VICTORY now in JESUS NAME!!!!!!!!!

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