She called about 5:30 about an hour before I asked her to call, but I wasn’t where they could talk and asked her to call back at 6:30 and she did…

She talked to B and I had it on speaker phone and she never said anything inappropriate…

She just asked him was he alright and said that she was glad to hear that he was happy and that she loved him…..He was ok and he talked to her just like he would anyone else….basically repeating whatever she said to him and answering basic questions like: Are you being good?, What are you doing? etc

He called her mommy after I told him his mommy wants to talk to him…but he didn’t really know who “this mommy” was on the phone. He talk to her just like he would anyone else….he didn’t get upset when he she got off the phone…he just went on playing….I know this will be a different story when I allow visits though…so we are just doing phone calls right now

She also talked to D and he was just like Hi, nothing more than that. She told him she loved him and she missed him…

Then I talked to her….We agreed that she can call them on Fridays at 6:30. She said that D was 4 months old the last time she saw him and she sounded like she started to cry. I got sad too….almost in tears….

Apparently she also has had more contact with B than I was lead to believe or at least that is what she told me..She asked how did I get him potty trained because she couldn’t do it? So at some point she must have been living with gparents because he has been living with them since 2005 or at least that is what his case file says…..

I told her how upset he was at first and how upset it made me because he was upset..she was like awwww…I’m sorry….

She commented on how well B spoke now

She thanked me for taking care such good care of them and for letting me talk to her…She was just happy that I was so willing to let her be in their life..she said whatever you allow me I’m happy with…..

I told her I would allow visits sometime in the future, but I want to meet her first to kind of get an understanding of expectation of visits/contact etc….We are going to meet sometime next month….I told her that I don’t want to keep her out of their life and as long as things stayed civil I would allow contact of some kind….

She seems to be a nice person..time will tell….

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