Today, I checked one of my email addresses and there was a message from a lady “speaking on behalf of her client”, asking me to remove one of my designs from a page in my website because “the person was not a client of mine.” She clearly did not have all the facts, because I was commissioned to do the website by his former record label and have every right to have it on my website if I so choose to display it there. She threatened to get legal “oOOoOOoo” Like I have so much for them to take from me…..I haven’t made any money from web design since I can’t even tell you when……and we all know teachers are poor.

Anyway…it made me mad….The person I designed the site about isn’t even somebody ANYONE would recognize anyway. It’s not like he is some big superstar and I am gaining something by saying I worked with him.

I don’t even know how they find out about the site I designed for him being on the website, seeing that my site has been down for several months and you would specifically have to do a web search to find it on the internet anyway.

I can’t believe this crap….I guess it’s true what they say” No good deed goes unpunished!!!”…I didn’t even get paid for that stupid website, I should be suing somebody…Sheesh!

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