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Teaching Biracial Kids about Their Caucasian Heritage?

  I was reading an adoption forum the other day and an African American adoptive parent who adopted a biracial child (Half African American (AA) , Half Caucasian (CC) ) posed the question:  (Paraphrasing)  Should I be do something more to ensure my daughter knows about all her CC heritage?  Is living in America going…

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I Gotcha Version 4.0

So I’m one day late posting this..but you’ll forgive me….won’ t you? But 4 Years Ago (Yesterday-April 5, 2007) Boogy and Destructo walked into what would be B’s 4th home in 2 yrs and D’s 2nd home in 1 year ..But it would end up being their FOREVER HOME! Ben was crying hysterically and it…

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Help Make Vanya's Dream Come True

This information is being posted in an effort to help make one little boy’s dream come true…Please visit this website after you have read and donate to this worthy cause…Hey, maybe Vanya could be your son as well… This is Vanya Vanya is eight years old, living in an Eastern European orphanage. His mother could…

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Spring Has Sprung….

Last Spring Break we went to Maryland, DC,New York and New Jersey. But this year we are staying close to home…as a matter of fact we probably won’t be leaving my apartment complex at all. Which is going to drive my boys crazy, but they will just have to get over it… In better news……

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You'll Never Guess Who I Found

I was perusing the Department of corrections website from my state which I do all the time, but guess whom I happen upon this time….. The Monsters’ Birth Father… Yep! I knew it was him the moment I laid eyes on him, even though I have never seen him before in my life. Boogy and…

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