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Forced to Homeschool (Against My Will)

  Well if you haven’t been keeping up with the latest madness,  Boogy got kicked out of school on Monday. Principal let him stay until this Friday, while I decided what I am going to do about his schooling for the rest of the year. After going over my options and researching schools, I have…

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Time4Learning Giveaway!!!

I am so pleased to announce our Our Very First Giveaway!!!   We just finished our Time4Learning Free Month Subscription. We were so pleased with this curriculum that teamed up with Time4Learning to offer Free Month Subscription to my blog readers!!    The first 25 of my readers interested in writing an honest review on…

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The Boogy Monster has been STEALING….FOOD?!?!?

So apparently my son Boogy, who I send a lunch & 2 snacks to school EVERYDAY has been stealing other people’s food because he doesn’t want the food I send.  I learned he has been doing this for a while before he finally got caught today. Apparently,  he had a loud uncontrollable rage after he…

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Time 4 Learning Review (Updated)

  In my quest to decide the best option for Boogy’s education (since he is failing miserably in Kindergarten), I am seriously thinking about home schooling him.  Considering the fact, that I work from home most of the time, I was searching for a curriculum that I didn’t have to spend all day teaching. That’s…

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