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Living Abroad

Delayed But Not Denied

This beautiful young lady just graced my inbox all the way from Africa! Speaking of Africa… I have a new business venture in the works with local vendors in Uganda! #DelayedButNotDenied I will get to you!   Wanna Be Apart Of Our Adoption Journey? Please Click Here To Make A Donation!  

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Passports In

As I prepare for our move to Uganda, there are many many things that have to be taken care of. One of the very basic is getting passports. I have had my passport for years…felt it was a good time to get the boys. The boys passports are in and our family is one step…

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My Life’s Reduced To This..

My entire life will be reduced down to these suitcases in a matter of months…. Yep this is all I am taking with me out of the country.. Everything else has to go… Not much, but I will be glad to be rid of all the unnecessary clutter… Made the difficult decision to leave Ben…

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Leap of Faith

For some time, I have known God was calling me to world missions. I didn’t know exactly how it would manifest itself, but I knew one day I would be spreading his love across this world.  Anyone who knows me, even briefly, knows how much of a heart I have for vulnerable children, especially orphans.…

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5 Vlogs of AA Living Abroad You Need to Follow Now

As you guys may know by know, I am planning my escape from the US. Me and my little family are slowly but surely making our way to Jinja, Uganda. In the meantime, I am doing as much research as possible. While doing extensive research on moving abroad, I came across many other African American expats…

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My Latest Obsession

I am becoming a tad bit obsessed with the idea of living outside of the U.S. The more I research, the more I want to go. There are so many business opportunities and with the exchange rate in a lot of places, the cost of living is ridiculously low especially for those who have online…

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