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Single & Parenting

Working From Home – Is It Right For You Single Mom?

Single moms usually do not get the luxury of being stay at home moms (SAHM), because they need to work to provide for their growing children.  But what  many single moms don’t realize is that we too can stay at home with our kids, and still be able to provide for them by being a…

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4 Simple Ways To Turn Your Road Trip Into a Homeschool Lesson

When mom is behind the wheel with no other adult is on board, keeping kids under control is a challenge…and a safety necessity. In this post, you’ll find ideas for single moms (or anyone) who want to keep the kiddos entertained, all while throwing in some low key learning. (Which is always a win-win for…

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Stop Feeling Sorry For My Kids

Raising kids who come from trauma is HARD! I raise my kids a certain way for a very specific reason. It may seem mean or harsh to some, but until you have walked a million miles in my shoes AS ME, please don’t question the way I parent. That being said (and this is a…

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The Sea Monkey is Coming!

While I shower my faceboook family with tons of updates and photos on my niece/God daughter, The Squirrel. I haven’t really mentioned anything about her since she was born 15 months ago here on my blog (Shame Shame Shame!) Well as I said, she is 15 months old and is a pint size diva! She…

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Mother's Day for a Solo Mom

Today out of the blue my mind began to ponder how Mother’s Day can be different for a single parent, especially a solo parent, such as myself. What is a solo parent you might ask? It is basically a parent who is raising his/her child(ren) completely alone. There is no other parent in the picture…

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