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Single & Parenting

The Rewards of Hard Work

  The boys have been unofficially doing chores since the day they walked in the door 4 years ago…I always made my kids clean up their own toys, throw their own trash in the garbage, put away their own shoes etc. It is inbred in my kids that they can’t transition to the next thing…

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I know you've been wondering

Well since I posted this post: A Mother’s Love? I know you have been wondering how things are going with me and the boys and I can honestly say that they have gotten better. I felt all of your prayers and I ask that you continue praying. I have and am still addressing my feelings…

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Well, I am big ball of emotions…. SORROW & SADNESS… My aunt’s death is taking me for a loop….I was REALLY sad when I found out..then I was ok UNTIL TODAY….I just keep having sudden outbursts of uncontrollable tears….I cry because of how she lived her final years…I cry because I miss her…I cry because…

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First Day of School Blues

Well, my boys started a new daycare today. This day care is significantly larger (about 100 or so kids) than their former daycare that only contained six children including my kids. So I knew this was going to initially be a big issue for my kids especially Boogy and just like I predicted it was…

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I'm gonna be a mommy?!?!??

Well it’s official….I’m gonna be a mommy…..I start my Foster Care/Adoption classes On November 27, 2006 and I finish on Dec 2, 2006…According to the paperwork I received, I should be licensed within 4 months, (but others have told me to expect longer)….and I am expecting a placement shortly hopefully I will be a…

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