So Boogy isn’t really getting any better at school (sigh) He gets bad reports 3-5 days out of the week.

But on to other news.. they are moving me to a new team at work..Something I really don’t want to do. My current project manager is EXTREMELY family oriented and always allows me to put my family over this job without any repurcusions. The next project manager might not be so lienent.

The lessons that they have me working on are going to be way more complex as far as the programming and the design. (For those of you who didn’t know, I build/design interactive courseware aka computer/web based training) for the military.

First off, I am not what you would call a “programmer.” I am a web “designer” who taught herself a few programming tricks to get by on this job, I’m not even sure I can do this advanced programming. But the “powers that be” seem to think I am so “excellent” at what I do, they wanted me on this advanced team. If they only knew..I just fake it til I make it…(as in, I just play with the code until it does what I want it to do). they wouldn’t be so impressed….but anyhoo…

On the future dh front, things are going pretty good….We had a bumpy road for the past few weeks…This darned long distance relationship thing is so hard!!! I hate it…I can’t wait until we can all be together for once and for all!!!
Another bad thing about long distance relationships is communication is often misinterpreted when done over the phone and through text messages..which often leads to unnecessary drama. But thank God it was nothing major or relationship threatening.

Still no official date..mainly because I want my Bishop’s blessing before I am officially engaged. Joey has been talking back and forth on the phone with my Bishop (kind of getting to know him). But my Bishop has pretty much made it clear that he will not be performing any ceremonies until we have some meetings with all of us IN PERSON…(ie marriage counseling) which is cool with me. I really think we could benefit from the input of a 3rd party. Though I know Joey would rather do without it, as he feels people can work out their own issues. But marriage counseling isn’t necessarily about working out issues. It can be very helpful to get you to thinking about things that may become an issue later or things that we have overlooked Or things that we are too “blinded by love” to see..KWIM? But Joey, I am sure, would go along with it, if that is what it takes to marry me….and trust me that is what it takes! It is very important to me for us to get his blessing..this man is very much like my father.

Also, being in a relationship for the first time in 11 years, I am having to relearn the art of compromise and this is so hard for this very stubborn woman, who ALWAYS wants to have her way!!! It is so amazing how when Joey and I were just best friends, he pretty much did whatever I wanted him to and he went along with anything I said and Now he wants to have..get this… AN OPINION ….hah! What is wrong with him? (lol) How dare he spoil me for 6 years and then now he wants to have some “say so”….Again what is wrong with him and what has he done with my old Joey?

Well I guess I’ll go now, I have more to tell, but I’ll have to tell you guys later..this post is already getting long enough.

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