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Cloudy with a chance of Chocolate Thunder!

I have so much to share about the past few days – back to school,  me and the kids meeting new friends, weddings, a new installment of the Chronicles of Nausea (he he he) etc..  but I just had to share this first…..I saw my old foster son Chocolate Thunder (CT’s) this morning….haven’t seen him in over 2 years….I think about him Boom Boom and the Munchkin (his bio siblings, whom also used to live with me) all the time….It did my heart so good to see him this morning….

I was sitting in my car waiting for the stores in the mall to open ..I was wasting time because Boogy had a half day today and I didn’t want to drive all the way back home and then go back and get him, so I decided to waste time on that side of town..Anyhoo….I was looking out my window and I see what looked like CT’s adoptive mother and  I hop out and walk up behind her. she was on the phone and I didn’t want to disturb her so I go in another direction…(Plus I was a little nervous and I didn’t want her to think I was a stalker…..But anyway I went back to talk to her. I figure all she could say was: HEY STALKER, LEAVE ME ALONE!….But she didn’t she let me talk to him …

She has changed his name…..He has thinned out..He’s not chunky anymore…Man I love this kid!!!!! Of course he didn’t remember me..but he kept running by at the little indoor playground looking at me like: Hey you look familiar, but ummmm no I don’t know you

But anyhoo she let me take a picture of him and it’s below….We have a play date soon….I so love them!!! I’ll get to see Boom Boom and the Munchkin too really soon…..I tried not to act like a complete idiot, but I couldn’t help but get emotional…..

Ok Ok..Here he is NOW…..GORGEOUS ISN’T HE?!?!?

Here he is in 2007 – 3 years ago!!!

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