Last night, or rather early this morning, I had a dream that me and my family (my sisters, mom,
niece and nephew and my kids) moved to an upscale wealthy neighborhood in a really big house with a water
park in the back yard (yeah, you know I was Anyway, my mom told my niece she could
invite one little girl and her family over for a bbq, but my niece told the little girl and they
both told the whole neighborhood that they could come over…of course my mom was mad, as we were
not prepared to feed and entertain the entire neighboorhood, which all showed up at our house. My
oldest sister was trying to make the best of it, so she decided to just grill all the meat we had
in the house, and of course my mom gets mad at her for using her grill..I know STUPID..but it is
so something my mom would do. Anwyay, after mingling with the guests, I walk in the house and this
cute white guy who lived down the street. He looked like JFK. Jr (I know completely random right),
who I had apparently become aquainted with previously, was in the dining room area leaning against
a table having a conversation with my sisters. He then goes on to say that you guys need to have
people over more often, so I can get to know Farrah. she needs a good dude who can take care of
her and show her the finer things in life….Yeah like I said ..I was really dreaming….and then
I was all giggly and smiling and feeling all tingly on the inside and of course you know what
happen….I WOKE UP!!!! (DARN IT!!!) Oh well back to reality..was that a sign from you God that should I ever again decide I want to get married,
my husband will be a wealthy white man who looks like JFK, Jr….I sure hope so…lol
Ok..enough of the madness…..I just thought it was funny so I had to share….

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