Well I am PLEASED to announce that dad signed surrenders today too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Case will be transferred to Adoption Unit soon and we will soon have an adoption date..I’ll keep you guys posted…


Talked to new cw…(old cw’s last day was Friday…her last act of duty was picking up mom from her house on Friday to sign surrenders- I gotta love this woman, even though she did leave)..but anyway….New cw says the agency is going back and forth on where to place L…….

They have now gotten the HEAD DIRECTOR of the agency involved. (OooOOoooO I feel important! ) CW said that is a very hard position for the agency….The agency doesn’t want to interrupt the only home that he has ever known…BUT it will look bad for the agency (which btw ALL the agencies are coming up for contract renewal with FSS in July) if they don’t at least try to place them together….

CW said I cannot honestly tell you what we are going to do with L….Poor kid! But anyway I told her that I just want to make it known that I am very willing and prepared to adopt L, should you decide to place him with me….

HOWEVER, I personally have no problem with his current FM and I am not going to throw a hissy or turn this into a custody battle…I am ok with whatever you guys decide..I said I just don’t want to be made to look like the bad person because I am willing to keep all 3 of them together when nobody else wants to.

I told her I will however push for court appointed visits if his current fm does adopt him AND is unwilling to do visits voluntarily because it is not the boys fault that they were placed in seperate homes and it is unfair for us to keep them from having a relationship!

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