Well, we have made some great progess with B, but he still continues to display some behavior/attachment problems…The therapy that was supposed to happen in Feb.. Yeah that didn't happen. So I called them and hunted them down again and I finally got someone who would listen.

I got the authorization forms in the mail yesterday and the cw is supposed to drop them back off at the agency today and hopefully in a week or two we can start his therapy. I would have to say that this therapy is just as much for me as it is for him, because if something doesn't change soon, I don't know if I can handle this much longer. I know I am very much to blame for his behavior because of the issues I was/am dealing with myself, but as I am dealing with my own demons, it's time we get his taken care of too….

I know many are against therapy. I have to admit that I really didn't want to have to go through all of this, but sometimes it is very helpful. I am also planning on starting counseling soon at a Christian Counseling place here. Then someone will be paid to listen to me gripe and I won't have to burden my friends anymore. Maybe I'll actually be able to keep some friends now….who knows? I know that it should have been VERY apparent to me, but I really didn't realize how much depression plays a hand at destroying relationships untiol just recently…..I know I'm REALLY thick headed…..lol

Anyway, everyone thinks that I am overexaggerating when I talk about Boogy and all the frustrations that come along with being his mother. Don't get me wrong there are many joys as well…But this child is definitely not your average bear. People are always like, he can't be that bad, he is only three. He looks so darn cute. ( I won't debate that fact..that boy is BEAUTIFUL!!- but I always tell them, don't let the smooth taste fool ya!) That is until they spend a few hours with him. Then I get the: "Oh, I see what you mean" apologies…..

His daycare teacher, I LOVE HER SO MUCH! Her entire family prays for us daily. Her family has kind of adopted me and my kids. Her daughter will take Boogy with her some days so I can get some relief….His daycare teacher came to me last week and she was like I really didn't know how to come talk to you about it, but Boogy's behavior is becoming unmanageable (sp?) again. He is very manipulative. he is extremely needy, way more than a normal 3 y/o should be. He has no impulse control and so on and so forth….

He is not as bad as he was initially, but it is definitely having an effect on her and the other children. Thank God, she doesn't want to kick him out…so collectively we are working together to get his behavior under control. We are most likely going to be doing therapy at daycare and she is more than willing to help me out as much as she can. She is doing an assessment on him that we plan to give to the therapist. We are really trying to nip this thing in the bud or at least get it manageable by the time he starts Kindergarten. We have 2 years…..Lord please help us!!!

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