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I feel like I having a case of Dejavu..Only this time I am experiencing it with D instead of B….. D is now exhibiting the same behaviors as B did over a year ago…. (Read these posts for references)

I am finding myself asking similar questions I asked about his brother over a year ago…What 3 y.o acts this way… What 3 y.o gets suspended from daycare? I didn’t even know that was possible?

D has been acting a plumb donkey in school….Well not just in school.. He is just acting a plumb donkey period… Thursday in school , he tried to kick his teacher and after exhibiting repetitive unacceptable behavior, they referred him a behavior specialist (w/ my permission). The week before that, I was asked to pick him up early (a.ka. kicked out) from a b-day sleepover..What 3 y/o gets KICKED OUT a b-day party (sighing and smh )…I know some of you are probably thinking he was probably to young to go….but the house that he was over is one of his normal babysitters … he was VERY USED to being there including spending the night.

The picture above is the night I had to pick him up from the b-day party and I had to cancel my child free weekend plans to stay home w/ him….I RARELY GET A CHILD FREE DAY, LET ALONE, A CHILD FREE WEEKEND … I was not a happy camper to say the least….lol

It’s getting to the point where nobody wants to babysit him because his behavior is so out of control….My sister (The one who spoiled him rotten) and the only one who would take him in the past no matter what his behavior was, now will only watch him if I absolutely have to go somewhere or I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE a SANITY break! (I.E I have to put myself in time out so I won’t lose my mind and say or do something I will later regret….)

I finally got one child acting right and now the other one has gone bananas……

Please pray 4 us….


  1. Halei on September 14, 2009 at 6:04 am

    Poor you and D!
    I hope he turns his little self around soon!

  2. Kathy on September 15, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    It works that way with my twins, too. If one is acting goofy then the other one is a saint. Then for some reason it switches. Drives me crazy.

    He'll turn around soon.

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