Well D made it through his first year of preschool. 1 more year to go. Let’s just say that this year was ummm INTERESTING.. filled with lots of calls to mommy, a behavior therapist, being banned from field trips, cursing other students.. yes an interesting year….. his behavior was atrocious.. He is WAY too smart for his own darn good. He wasn’t just getting in trouble at school, but at home and every where he went.

Ironically this summer he has been a perfect angel…. Go figure. It’s probably because he is home with me all day… Home school may be in his future if he is not going to behave while at school. I don’t have time to run up there everyday and I can’t go thro0ugh this for the next 14 years. Help us Jesus!And just to think I was more worried about Boogy than him.

But anyhoo….here are his graduation pictures below:

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