Yesterday I found out that my former foster kids Boom Boom and the Munchkin have been redetained into foster care. They went home around the beginning of November 07 and Tuesday of this week they were redetained because mom left them alone for 2 days.

Thank God the cw just happened to go by the house to check on them (she lives in the area) and she discovered the kids home alone filthy with overloaded diapers with #1 and #2 in them. She said the diapers were hanging down to their knees…They hadn’t eaten in 2 days… Boom Boom opened the door for her. I am so happy that the kids didn’t leave the house before she got there!!!

When the cw told me that I couldn’t stop crying. To be honest I can’t stop crying now. I have been out of town and just got back yesterday. I called cw yesterday because we had court yesterday for Chocolate Thunder and this is when she told me the news.

CT was supposed to be with mom from Dec 24-Jan 14. That did not happen. He went to mom’s on the 24th. He went to his paternal gma from Dec 25-28. Went back to mom on the 28th and mom asked me to come get CT because he needed to go to daycare. I told her if he needed to go, she needed to take him and that if I came to get him, I was taking him out of town with me. She was like fine, he just needs to go because I can’t drag him around town with me until you get back from out of town. I told her I would come and get him Monday before I went out of town.

She called me several times on Saturday the 29th with CT crying in the background and I refused to go get CT. My mom had the other boys and this was the first weekend since I had the boys that I had a “child free” weekend and I was NOT about to give that up for ANYONE!!!

Anyway, mom called cw Saturday hysterical thinking that I left CT here and went out of town and that she would have to deal with him until I got back….CW said that mom said that CT loves me more than he loves her. How does a 1 y/o love one person more than another? all a 1 y/o knows is that he is with a strange person (i.e mom) and the only reason that she is strange is because he hasn’t seen her in almost 3 months prior to going there on Dec 24th. She hasn’t given him anytime to “love” her..but anyhoo….

After mom came back home and cw finally talked with mom to tell her they had the other kids. She asked mom to let me adopt CT and mom said she would sign away her rights….CW said that while she was talking to mom, the police pulled up to arrest mom. Mom told cw that this is all your fault….CW told her ..NO THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!!

CT’s dad (Each child has a different dad) has done nothing on his caseplan, she asked him to sign too, but he at this point says he is going to fight it. He’s had over a year and the jude hearing the case is very pro adoption, especially when parents have not done what they were supposed to do….I know that anything is possible in the world of foster- adoption, but I really don’t foresee him being a problem.

Mom ended up not showing up for court yesterday and the cw found out that mom’s gma had her admitted to the psych ward of the local hospital. She will be released on Monday and she will be immediately arrested and charge with her 3rd offense of child abuse.

The next court date is Feb 4 and they are going to ask the judge to terminate that day on ALL THE KIDS and with this judge that is very possible. Caseworker says that we could very well have CT adopted by April….which will be a ahole lot quicker than B&D’s adoption.

I am extremely sad for BB and TM…There is no way I can afford to adopt 3 more DAYCARE AGED kids to make a total of 5 kids as a single woman (although I do foresse being married this year, my future dh already said no!) So we’ll only be adopting CT.

Please pray for the kids and mom…

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