Ok, after almost 2 years of the boys living with me, all 3 of us finally took pictures together. I know, I know, I oughta be ashamed! I have gotten pics taken of the boys only, but I never get in them. But this time I did. We are also going to take pics next week for some promotional materials for 2 of my projects I am working on this year besides the www.JacksonvilleChristianEvents.com website.

God is TRULY blessing!!! I’ll reveal what these 2 projects are a little later on…Still ironing out all the details…My 3 projects that I had planned for this year has now turned into like 7 or 8 projects….

I also will be launching these websites before the year is out:

I also will be launching a new company within the next couple weeks…Still deciding on the name

JacksonvilleChristianEvents.com has spinned itself into a whole new Media/Entertainment business for me….I never expected all this to happen, but God is definitely an Ephesians 3:20 type of God!!!! I’ll be launching that website soon as well…

Please keep praying for us!!!!!!!!! But for now enjoy the pictures below:


  1. Kathy on March 11, 2009 at 3:27 am

    Oh my goodness, those pictures turned out wonderful. You all look absolutely beautiful. The boys look like they are getting so big.

  2. Trina on March 18, 2009 at 2:33 am

    Farrah, The pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

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