Farrah Love Da Kids Part III

Well today was definitely a busy day…..I babysat 6 kids ages 5 and under today…..Yeah I am PRETTY TIRED!!! I guess I am taking getting prepared to be a teacher a little bit too seriously…LOL!

Well, either later this week or next week I will be taking my test to for teacher certification… Everybody pray for me!!!! I really don’t think I will have a problem passing..but a lil prayer never hurt.

They only have one kindergarten position left in Duval County, so I also applied to work in Clay County…They have like 5 positions….Please pray that I get a Kindergarten position.

Adoption Journey

Well I have SERIOUSLY been considering the state’s foster to adopt program……I have found this wonderful website that has all the kida available for adoption in Duval County. Check it out…..https://www.fssnf.net/adopt

If I go this route for my first adoption..It will virtually cost me nothing..which isn’t why I am doing it….But the more I read and visit the website…the more I want to do it… I want to start the Foster Care classes in January or before..But of course I will have to have my house or at least be living in an apartment by then. I’ll let you guys know..what happens with that…So until next time….I’ll Holla!

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