Well, my boys started a new daycare today. This day care is significantly larger (about 100 or so kids) than their former daycare that only contained six children including my kids. So I knew this was going to initially be a big issue for my kids especially Boogy and just like I predicted it was a BIG ISSUE.

It was only made worse when his teacher had a personal issue where she had to come in late and I had to leave him with some random worker, who kept reminding me: She is not HIS teacher. When I left he was kicking and screaming like a maniac (which I TOTALLY understand and expected), but I left him because no matter when I left he would have reacted the same way (((SIGH)))

I met his teacher last week, I explained to her his issues with abandonment and she promised me she would show him some extra attention until he got situated. But anyway, I called back and she had gotten there and sure enough she did keep him close by her all day. It took everything in me, not to call every 5 minutes to check and make sure he was alright or to hightail it up there. But I didn’t.

I know it will take him a while to adjust, but I think this bigger daycare will be better for him in the long run. It will improve his socialization skills. We are VERY sheltered and we don’t really socialize with many people outside of family and a FEW close friends and since they are putting him in the 3 y/o class because he is potty trained and not the 2 y/o class, he will consistently be around older kids and maybe he will grow up a little and give up some of his “babyish ways.”

This is the first time he has been seperated into another classroom from his brothers, so he is kind of being forced to make new friends or else he’ll be a loner. I REALLY hope that this new daycare will be a good thing for him.

D had some intial issues with being left with his teacher as well, but his teacher took him to play with some toys and after a few minutes, he didn’t care if I was there or not. when I called back, the office worker who I had built a rapport with said she checked on them a few minutes ago and he was back there tearing stuff up. I said that’s my Destructo!

Chocolate Thunder did great!

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