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Wow I ‘m pretty sure I just offended my neighbor (whom I don’t know – this is a different neighbor)….but I can’t stand when strangers give/offer my kids food (sweets) especially without my permission….I know I know way overprotective but that just irks me……I made him take it back……. I wouldn’t dare give somebody’s kids who I didn’t know food without their parents permission….but that’s just me…..


#Me: Is it just me? maybe it is…

#PF: No, it’s not just you.

#PF: It’s like, she has no clue what they may be allergic to… no clue whether or not they’re ruining dinner… it was irresponsible of your neighbor… I was pissed this morning when my co-worker bought my son a Little Debbie cake and opened it for him before he’d eaten lunch earlier… I was like, “Okay, you could’ve asked…”

#SK: I don’t have kids, but I wouldn’t have made him take it back. I wouldn’t have allowed him to eat it either. I would have thrown it away, and talked to the neighbor about my concerns as well as my child about taking food from people he doesn…’t know. Or if I wanted it taken it back immediately, I as the parents would have done it, not sent the kids. I have a young brother who’s allergic to peanuts and dairy at a high level and my dad has taught him not to take food so he knows to politely decline and say my parents say I can’t have it.
#LR: It’s not just you. I don’t allow my kids to accept food from anyone unless I am asked first.

#HD: Not just you. Good job Mom.

# Me: I completely understand you SK ….But I wouldn’t have done anything different. My youngest son is just extra defiant. He is one of those kids who thinks he can do whatever he wants without consequences…Which is why I made HIM tak…e it back. I had just told him he couldn’t have anymore snacks and he went right outside and took food from a stranger…Something my kids KNOW I DO NOT TOLERATE ON ANY LEVEL!!!! I’m just one of those parents who believe children should also take responsibility for their actions and it’ll make him think twice before he does it again….

I’m not always going to be there and he has to know what to do if I’m not. YES the neighbor was absolutely wrong and maybe I should have talked to her as well, but HE has to know it’s not safe, even when I’m not their to protect him.

I parent different than most people though….

#SK: Oh ok…see we didn’t have that backstory. I didn’t know if he was offered and being polite he took it. he was being defiant so yes now I understand making him take it back.

Again, it wasn’t a critique of your parenting cause who the heck a…m I? Lol…I know it has to be tough. kudos.

#Me No I appreciate your input…I really do…Lord knows I don’t know it all!!!

#Me:  Any input on helping my oldest son learn to read….we are over here struggling…lol

#HD: I can’t remember how old your oldest son is but over here Diary of a Wimpy Kid rules the reading library. Got the whole series for Christmas and she’s already on book 3.

#SQ :hey sis i was about to ask u the same thing….J is having the same problem with reading

# AL: I’m with you. I am the same way and I found out early on that my son had a peanut allergy so I don’t play about that!

#Me: He is 6…..Yeah my son is no where near there…..he is not even getting the simple sight words….He can sound out the words..he knows all the letters…but it’s like it’s not clicking in his head to make a word….He seriously has been… trying to read one word (runs) for the last 10 minutes even after I have told him the word several times…..He generally has trouble with what I call putting “two and two” together in general period….Like for instance he can see the sky is gray and cloudy but he won’t understand that’s its about to rain…..I feel so defeated….Because it doesn’t matter how hard me, his teachers, daycare anybody tries…he just isn’t getting it 🙁

#SQ: same with jay’son and also J has a speech problem so i know what ur going thru. he can sound them out and is recognizing some sight words but thats a task in itself…im afraid he may be retained.

#Me: Yeah B is failing everything….I am not opposed to him being in K again…because he will definitely just be more frustrated in first grade

#SQ: J is too but not because he doesnt “know” anything but when he is being tested or asked a question he wont answer partly because hes afraid of being wrong. i honestly feel like im failing him as a mom cuz i dont know what to do to help him get it….

#AL: Hey call me, I home school my children and I can give you some great tips on teaching them how to read.

#Me: SQ, I think that is part of B’s problem too..He is extremely insecure due to his past history with abandonment etc…..Yeah I totally feel like a failure…..I think it’s also because I was so advanced academically, by the time I wa…s his age I had been reading 3 years….It came easy to me and I don’t know how to make it come easy to him 🙁 Not just reading but everything 🙁

Will  do AL..can I call you tomorrow? what’s a good time?

#SQ same here sis, i was reading at a middle level by that time and i just dont know how to help him…but i will find a way…

#VD: Two of my lil princesses (not my kids,but close to my heart) are allergic to sugar. I’da Killt his a@(#(@3

#MGL very good job momma!!!!! here is how i see it candy from a strange person male or female is a no no !!!!you showed that person that you were no-way letting them come into your childrens life buy giving them things…. and that you are very involed in there lifes and they cant get to them … way to protect…..im not going to say im sorry if this offends anyone but I know how petafiles work… even if he or she isnt one.. your kids will know how to respond to that if asked again by someone else….proud of you!!

#LR: T has a hard time reading & he also has a hard time putting 2 and 2 together. I have practiced sight words with him for the past 2 years. Some words he has memorized and others he just guesses. He definitely struggles with sounding out words. He just doesn’t get it. He is in 1st grade and he is doing bad in language arts & spelling. I am thinking of keeping him back because he is struggling behaviorally as well as academically. If you find some good techniques for reading please share.

#MM: Definitely a move I respect. I think that people who don’t have any kids (or any young kids) forget how different the world is these days than when they were kids. Total strangers would offer my daughter things when she was younger, out of kindness. But, *HELLO*?!

Let your son pick out whatever he wants to read. Make going to the bookstore or the library feel like a party. Let him buy magazines at the supermarket. Anything with writing, even comic books, graphic novels, books of sports statis…tics, books with more pictures than words. Let it be a *PLEASURE*. He’ll get plenty of age-appropriate chapter books in school to read, and he’ll get reading help. But I think that, at home, the emphasis should be on the pleasure and bonding around books, stories, words. Continue to read aloud to him, even when he’s older, even when he rolls your eyes at you—he’ll associate reading with something cozy and lovely with his Mama. He’ll become a better reader as he reads more, and he’ll read more (of whatever it is he likes/wants to learn about) if he enjoys it. Also, keep an eye out for any social activities that involve readings, stories, storytelling that he might like.

#PF:  ?@Virgil: lmao!! You sound like my mom!!
And Twin, you know good and well you aren’t a failure. I was in your place lst year. my B went from where your B is now to being an honor student. Just stick with him, it will come. Even with my B being an honor student, it helps that this is h…is 2nd year of kdg. He’s confident in the fact that he can do the work in front of him. I think next school year will be the year that will click for your B. he might look at it and know that he can do it… even if it’s only to upstage D. We’ll see. You know I got your back.

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