Oh yeah I forgot to mention that ALL contact/visits and/or pictures is SOLELY AT MY DISCRETION! I am under no obligation whatsoever to ever let her see them again and there will be no “open adoption agreement.”

But I do plan to let her see them sometime in the future (not sure of how soon that will be). I don’t want them to think in the future that their mom didn’t love and care about them and I don’t want them to be mad at me for not allowing herto be apart of their life in someway…I am going to meet her first and bring her pics etc….then depending on how comfortable I feel with her We (me and the boys) MAY do an hour or so visit and then all future visits will depend on how well this visit goes…

I’m kind of concerned as to how Boogy will react to seeing her….He had a MAJOR MELTDOWN after his GAL left Wed… (The GAL is probably the only person that has been consistently in his life since about age 6 months, outside of his paternal grandparents who he knows. He doesn’t know “who she (GAL) is to him,” but he does know that she is “someone special to him” – if that makes sense) He cried and cried for her….It was not a fun night!

ALSO I am little PO’d that CW gave mom my cell # since she does not have a phone…..I’m not going to make a big issue about it, but if she starts to abuse the privilege..I’ll just change my #…..

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