I went to the local Foster Parent Association meeting tonight and it was great.

I found out that this is THE MEETING to be at because you find out about everything before everybody else and you also meet foster parents with kids that are becoming available for adoption that they do not plan to adopt..way before they get listed on any placement list….I found out that many people have adopted this way…

I met so many foster and adoptive parents…There was this lady there who has been fostering for over 43 years, she has adopted 11 kids and is still fostering, she took in teens for the first time just recently …only one of her adopted kids still lives with her(the others are grown)….and there was another lady who has been fostering for 25 years and has adopted I think 4 kids ..I can’t remember

It was so GREAT seeing all the kids there…I even got to love on one precious 7 mo. old little boy who is about to be TPR’d..If only I wanted a boy…(lol)

It seems that they also raised the the subsidy rates…which will help out a lot….

But anyway….thought I would share… Oh yeah …I also saw my cw there and she told me to that she sent out my paperwork to the state yesterday, so any day now..I’ll be a mommy

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