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From Faith to Fruition

From Faith to Fruition

I borrowed by title the from Tyler Perry (Thanks TP)

Well, I am now 27 years old. (((gasp))) only 3 more steps to the big 30….My birthday was December 6, 2006. But I thank God for allowing me to make it this far…Can’t honestly say that I am where I thought I would be at age 27, but I am sure we all make plans for our life and they just don’t seem to turn out how we planned. But I CAN say that right now this day: I am happy about where I am in life and excited about what the future holds…

I thought since this is the beginning of the year, I would do a recap all that went on in 2006. Hence the title: From Faith to Fruition. That is probably the best way to describe this year. I have been through some faith testing experiences this year and I am finally starting to see the fruition of some of the things that I have been in faith for, for several years. Believe me sometimes I wanted to give up, but I am so glad that I didn’t!


I was jobless since I stopped teaching in December, because although I loved kids….I AM NOT A TEACHER. But I can honestly say, I do not regret the decision to stop teaching. I am sure the kids in my class got a much better education and I came out so much better in the long run. (Especially for my sanity’s sake)

I also must say that I never regretted my decision to START teaching either. Although short lived, I got a real education on all the many problems that our kids are facing today – Problems that should be addressed on a parental level, not by a teacher.

I found myself more drawn to their social issues. I am convinced that if these kids didn’t have so much turmoil going on in their lives they wouldn’t have so many behavioral problems at school. But I digress…


I got a job at Website Pros as a Modifications Designer…. (But in actuality I was just a glorified call center rep) I learned many things, one of which I can’t stand talking on the phone. It has really given me an absolute distaste for talking on the phone and I NEVER want to have a Call Center job EVER again…..But I did meet some good people there….
George, Ty, Mark, Jason, Josh, Don, Nathan, Omar, Chris and everybody else…..Miss you guys…..but I don’t miss the job!!!

They were pretty good to me over there though… I got Strep Throat after being there only a couple days and I had to be out for three days and they were totally understanding.

But I can say that this job was a blessing from God. It taught me patience and faith. How to stick with something until God brought me better. It also taught me how to keep striving for better and how to always keep searching for the light, even when it is no where in sight.

Feb. was also the month that I got my baby: My Laptop… It has truly been a blessing to have been able to by my laptop with cash.. Thanks to the handsome income tax refund check I got earlier this year….


This was the month that I started my own business, after 7 years of doing websites, I finally made my business official. This was the manifestation of a 9-10 year dream and is only the first of the many businesses I plan to start in the future.

March was also the month I upgraded from Dial Up to DSL Internet…YAY!!!


This was a very sad month for me. It was the month that my Grannie passed away at the tender age of 86. It was the first time that somebody so close to me in my family had passed away. She lived in Texas, so I didn’t get to see her everyday and sometimes I forget that she is gone. When something happens in my life I want to call her and tell her, and I will go for my phone and then realize that I can’t call her….

The last time I saw her was October 2005. We were having a conversation and she told me that she hoped to not be here the next time my aunt and uncle (the people she lived with in Texas) came to Jacksonville to visit. Well she got her wish. I think she was just tired and felt that she had lived her life and was ready to go on to the next chapter. I can’t wait until I get to heaven, so I can see her again.

Her death really got me to thinking about how precious life is…and how fast it goes by.
For a minute, I got bold and crazy….see May for more details


In May, I someone how got the courage to tell someone who I had been crushing for 8 yrs that I liked him…I know insanity right….anyway we hung out some and talked a lot for a while, but it I guess we are still friends..with his schedule and mine, I hardly ever talk to him……and although nothing came of it (which I’m not all that sad about), I am glad that I told him.

Nothing eventful happened in June that I can think of.

Nothing eventful happened in June that I can think of.

Nothing eventful happened in June that I can think of.

Well September was the month that I moved out of my mom’s house. It was the first time since I graduated from college that I had lived on my own. It was one of the greatest months of my life….It is so great to be on your own, with no one nagging you…..

Well this is the month I got signed up for my Foster Care classes and I really can’t remember much else that happened that month.

I got a new job with an $11,000 increase…I was sooo happy because I got it at a point where I was getting really discouraged with life and my job. I was like God I know you have more for me. I have been applying for jobs with no success for months. The money I was making on my last job was NOT enough to do the things that I needed to do in life. I wasn’t struggling, but I had no extra.

I also started my Foster/adoption Classes. (I finished them up in December though). This is REALLY the fruition of something that I have been in faith for, for several years. I have to finish up all my paperwork and have a homestudy and then I will be fully licensed to foster kids.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that from the time I was like 8 years old I have wanted to adopt and foster kids. Next year I will see the manifestation of that happening. I will also start the process of adopting from Haiti, which will be a 5 year dream manifested.


It’s my birthday…It’s my birthday.. Yep I am officially in my late 20s.. (27). Man when and how did I get to this point…(lol)

Nothing really eventful happened in December other than Saddam Hussein (sp?) was executed… which I thought was sad. Everybody thinks that I am psycho (or as my nephew says “sacko”) because I don’t think he should have been killed. Yes, I do believe he should have been punished, but death is the easy way out. I think him dying really served no purpose, because now there is another person in hell, unremorseful of all his sins, and defiant all the way to death.
To me, a greater punishment would be for him to live the rest of his life in prison. (((Please don’t send me comments on your opinion of this)))) I’m sure most people think, he should have died and you are entitled to your opinion and I am not saying that my opinion is right. But I really don’t think it is another man’s right to say someone else should die… We don’t give life and we shouldn’t have the power to take life away….

Final Thoughts..Can you believe that in a few weeks I will actually be responsible for another life? I’m escited and terrified at the same time….

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