Today, we mourn the passing of a great man of God.. A forerunner and advocate for the Holy Hip Hop Community and one of the greatest DJ’s who ever rocked it for the Kingdom: DJ Lace aka Lawrence Anthony Stroman.

I’m not sure why, but it REALLY hit an emotional nerve with me today. I couldn’t control my tears. He wasn’t an extremely close friend of mine. But I spent time with him in his home in Atlanta. Always saw him on the scene at any major Christian event.  Always promoting, always repping Jesus, always with a smile on his face. I count it as an honor to have known him.

I found myself asking the question..Lord why him? He was someone who was truly out here spreading your word, making an impact on the kingdom. and then I was reminded of a saying I heard once, when someone asked a similar question: He took him because he was READY to go.  As in he was RIGHT with the Lord and God called him home to rest from his good and faithful service here on the earth. We should rejoice that our brother has been promoted on to glory. And thank God that he gave us who are still here, another day to GET RIGHT!

It got me to thinking (As death often does), about the legacy he is leaving behind. He will truly be missed….His absence will definitely be apparent in the Holy Hip Hop Community. There is a definite void without him being here.

Then I started thinking more: If I died today, what Legacy would I leave behind? Did I serve my purpose here on this earth? Did I do all that I can to further the kingdom? To serve my first ministry: My Family? Will anyone miss me?  Will I hear, Well done! on the other other side of this life….. If Jesus came today, would. I. GET. LEFT?

And then my thoughts turned to: You know all the trivial things I obsess about on a daily basis wouldn’t even matter if today was my last day. I wouldn’t care that the dishes weren’t wash…wouldn’t stress if the laundry wasn’t done. The money I do or don’t have….I would just live my life to the fullest!

And then a really big thought hit me….I wouldn’t be concerned that my kids aren’t the best behaved. As a matter of fact, NONE OF THEIR FLAWS would even matter to me anymore!  I wouldn’t cry about them. Let them stress me out. Be concerned about what anyone else says about them or me….I’d just enjoy them(wow that was a Selah moment right there) Lord thanks for revelation!!

Final Thoughts

Get Right or Get Left


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