I got my first placement today…..I’m so excited and scared….I thought I’d post now cause I might not have time to later….

As mentioned in the post earlier today….I called the Placement office to ask them to put me on the respite list, and I asked them to also put me down for infant boys and then I asked did she have any kids today … She said Yeah, but they are teens…so I said ok…maybe tomorrow

But she called me back literally minutes before I was leaving work, much later in the day and asked me was I open to any race….I said SURE!!!! She said ok we have a white 6 wk old baby boy would you consider taking him…I was like sure…..so any I’m officially be a foster mommy….The sad thing is he may be going home tomorrow depending on what the judge says….

Boy if he stays… I can imagine the stares we are going to get when we go out in public…..I am a really dark skinned AA woman and I’ll have this little white baby….They will probably think I am his nanny…lol

I guess God just wanted me to have a boy!

Final Thoughts: Please pray for my best friends dad he was in a bad accident

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