Hey you guys, I have good news…I got a new job… Got the “official official” word today. They told me they wanted to hire me last week, but had to jump through a few hoops first….It a Government Contract and you have to go through all this clearance and stuff..anyway that’s another story..

And the job is SIGNIFICANT increase in salary..Ya girl is balling….Finally a job that pays a salary that a COLLEGE GRADUATE should make ..lol

It got me to thinking…I may be able to adopt from Haiti before I thought…instead of going the Foster Care Adoption route….I’m still taking my classes though..want to keep that option open
I am also thinking of taking the penalty & breaking my lease and moving so I can have more room…PLUS my apt complex management & maintenence gets on nerves…. It takes an act from God to get them to do anything around here…

and plus I can afford it now ;)….. I talked with my friend and he may be able to get me a get me financed for a house…(well a condo or a townhouse)

I’ll keep you guys informed..

Final Thoughts Don’t give up on God! He’ll surprise you when you least expect it

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