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This is Vanya

Vanya is eight years old, living in an Eastern European orphanage.

His mother could not take care of her son, so Vanya was living without even the basic necessities of life and was removed from her care. His father refuses to acknowledge his existence–he will not accept this little boy as his son and has chosen to leave him in the orphanage.

According to those at the orphanage, Vanya is a sweet little leader.  And he loves to be loved.  Who doesn’t?

Not a day goes by without Vanya asking his caretakers if someone is coming for him yet?  Has he been chosen?  Will it be his turn next? He has seen countless young children being adopted all around him.

Friends, a report from a missionary who knows Vanya states that he believes that one day someone will come for him.  He believes that some day he will have a family to love him and he will get to live in a “real home.”  It’s a dream he believes WILL come true.

Here’s the reality–Vanya is on a list to be transferred from his current orphanage.  Once an orphan reaches a certain age, they are usually transferred to a heinous mental institution for older children and adults.  Vanya will be transferred any day now, and no one knows where he will be moved to.  It is an undisclosed place from which he will never be able to be adopted.  Vanya will live the rest of his childhood in this place and when he is old enough to be released, well, who knows what awaits him?

Vanya has two things against him.  He is an older child, and not very many people are willing to take in the older kiddos.  And second, Vanya is HIV+.  Although many perceptions of the disease have changed over the years thanks to the amazing efforts of ministries like Project Hopeful, there is still quite a lot of ignorance regarding raising a child who is infected.  Most people just do not know.  They have no idea that it really is a do-able thing and that these kids deserve families just as much as others.

Then, there are people like Audrey who have adopted a little guy from the same country as Vanya.  This is what she said about HIV adoption:

It is TOTALLY do-able.  Our son is healthy and wonderful. We visit his doctors every three months for a checkup and he takes meds twice a day.  Other than that, HIV doesn’t affect our lives at all. Jacob turned seven two weeks after we brought him home so we have done the older child adoption thing too. He is a blessing to our family and I CANNOT imagine what our lives would have been like if we had said no to this very special guy.

Vanya is on an anti-retroviral drug and is doing fabulously well.

Time is crucial.  Vanya needs a committed family before he is transferred.  We’re racing against the clock here.  The problem is that adoption costs money–and heaps of it.  I hate it, but there is nothing that can be done about it. We call it ransom.  Most families who adopt do not have the $25,000+ lying around to cover the adoption costs, so they fundraise.  They work day and night to raise the funds that they require.  It is hard work but the reward is priceless.

The  Eli Project is an incredible ministry who is advocating for Vanya.  It is founded by Chris and Mary Malone.  I love these guys.  They have such huge hearts for the orphan.  They adopt the children that no one else wants–those who are overlooked and in dire need of being rescued.  They truly are an amazing family. The Malone’s walk the walk.  I love that about them.

The Eli Project is a 501(c)3.  They have set up a Chip-In where donations can be made.  Each and every dollar will go directly into Vanya’s adoption grant fund right here at the Eli Project.  That money will all be given to his family to cover his adoption costs.  All donations are tax deductible.

Click here to donate this fundraiser!

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