Well today the boys returned from my sister’s house. They spent all last week there because her kids were home all week for Spring Break. So they came home about 3ish today and since my kids were in a learning mood, I decided to implement our new homeschooling methods. If you didn’t see the last post with a video on Why I withdrew my kids from Virtual School and put them back in “regular home school,”  please see that to know what I am referring to.

It went really well…no pressure, no worry about getting a million assignments done, no set curriculum. So I was thinking of a way to document what we are doing, so that I could keep track of it for my own personal records (Kinda like a portfolio, but not really…seeing that the umbrella school my kids are in enrolled in doesn’t require one.) So in all my brilliance, I decided to document it through this blog. That way I don’t have to try and store hundreds of papers and notebooks. I can share it with all you guys and get your feedback and constructive criticism. And it will be available for printing and viewing should I ever decide to register them with the district (which requires an evaluation and portfolio). And just in case we have another mishap with the site…It will be backed up on my back up cloud storage. So we are covered , just in case.

So the next two posts will be the first posts containing their new “online portfolios”

I decided to do two different categories (journals) for each boy, because (like today) they may not necessarily be doing the same thing as the other everyday. Some of the info may be duplicated on both journals (NOT ALL), so please bear with me, as these will also serve as a Portfolio of sorts…

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