Homeschool Support Group

In an effort to not be such a hermit, plus all the never – ending talk about home school socialization, we joined the Home school Fellowship at my church. I am so glad that I did1It is awesome to be around like minded  people and besides that:

  1. The kids have tons of new friends, whom we see on a regular basis!
  2.  They offer FREE classes in P.E. , Science a Book Club and much more!
  3. They assist you with curriculum choices and are always eager to help out anyway they can!
  4. There are no dues!
  5. The field trips are awesome and they are usually at an extremely discounted price!!! (i.e., we just came back from the newly opened  Legoland Florida and I paid a total of $44 for all 3 of us to go and that included parking. If I had gone without the homeschool fellowship, it would have paid over $200 – I will do a post on our trip with my review of Legoland Florida soon, maybe today-lol)

For the upcoming school year, I also believe I am going to join 2 more support groups. One is local and one is within my state.

Are you a member of any homeschool support groups? 

What do you believe are some of the benefits?

Have you had any negative experiences?

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