If you read my last post, you know that I have decided build my own home school curriculum.

Today, I will discuss Steps 3-5 on Ejahi’s worksheet of Building your own Curriculum

Step 3- Mapping out core subjects based off your educational model 

I  mapped out my core subjects based on my overall goals for homeschool

  1. Bible
  2. Life Skills
    • Chores/Household Management
    • Character Development
    • Personal Hygiene/Grooming/Health
    • Basic Cooking Skills
  3. Language Arts
  4. Math
  5. Science
  6. Social Studies / History / Geography

Step 4- Deciding on electives and extracurricular activities.

  1. Art
  2. Sign Language
  3. Physical Education
  4. Boy Scouts
  5. Music
  6. Computer Skills


Step 5- Making a weekly schedule: every subject does not have to be taught everyday, combine subjects to fit multi-age groups, etc..

They will do everything together except Language Arts and Math because they are 2 different levels in those subjects. The full school day will run from 3-4 hrs everyday not including P.E which they do with other people, if they are not just playing outside.

I found that short daily lessons with lots of daily repetition is better for my kids, rather than longer lessons done less often. (As in skipping every other day) This is why I do Social Studies 2 days back to back and Science 2 days back to back.

If things get  too hectic I will cut Health back to only 1-3 days a week. My original plan was to only do it once a week until I found the FREE curriculum I decided to use. (Want to know what that curriculum is? Stay tuned for Part 3.)


  1. Bible (15-30 min)
  2. Language Arts (30-45min)
  3. Math (30-45min)
  4. Life Skills – Chores, Health (15-30 min)
  5. Social Studies (15-30 min)
  6. Sign Language 15-30 min)
  7. P.E. -HF (1 hr)


  1. Bible
  2. Language Arts
  3. Math
  4. Life Skills – Chores, Cooking, Health
  5. Sign Language
  6. Music (5-15 min)

  1. Bible
  2. Language Arts
  3. Math
  4. Life Skills – Chores, Character Development, Health
  5. Social Studies
  6. Sign Language
  7. P.E. – Upward Sports (1 hr)

  1. Bible
  2. Language Arts
  3. Math
  4. Life Skills – Chores, Health
  5. Science
  6. Sign Language
  7. Computer Skills (5-15 min)



  1. Bible
  2. Language Arts
  3. Math
  4. Life Skills – Chores, Health
  5. Science-HF ( 1hr)
  6. Sign Language
  7. Art (30 min)

Stay plugged in to Read Part 3.. Where we will cover Steps 6

  • Step 6- Choose books and materials: make required reading list, putting together course of study topics, utilizing free online resources, shopping used book sales, assessment test on curriculum providers websites, utilizing encyclopedias for spine text, etc… 

Coming Very Soon…

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