I am truly humbled by all the support I have been receiving from everyone. It’s so hard for me to accept help. I am usually the one giving..but I have to swallow my pride so my boys won’t be disappointed. Again I TRULY THANK YOU!!!!!

UPDATED 12/16: Some people have asked did I have a Walmart wishlist. I did have one but it is ridiculously outdated. I recreated another one, with a few things on it, but most of the stuff was out of stock..So I have now created a Amazon wishlist. Amazon may have most of these things with free shipping. THANKS for making my boys Christmas a MERRY one!!!!

You can go here to find the Amazon wishlist: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/138NPPO0DRH1T

Amazon may have most of these things with free shipping.

Here is a list of items, that were out of stock or I couldn’t find (HONESTLY, WE ARE VERY APPRECIATIVE OF ANYTHING, We ARE NOT picky!!!)

· Clothing 4T, 5T, & 6

· Underwear – Size 4T/5T

· Undershirts – Small or 4T/5T

· Shoes – Size 9 & 12

· Socks – Toddler Size 3-5

· Pajamas – Size 4T, 5T & 6

· Coloring Books & Fat Crayons

· Fat Pencils

· Books

· Anything Spiderman, Diego, Cars (the movie), Transformer related

Mailing address:

Mommy to the Monsters
P.O. Box 150304
Jacksonville, Florida 32215

Job Search Continues…

I have one lead on a job. I had a phone interview yesterday and I had to send him some info on my Search Engine Optimization skills. (One of my weakest skills).

I did that not to long ago, so we will see what will come of that. If he likes what he sees then he will call me back for a second interview.

UPDATED12/16: NO word from the job….Oh well….I am going to be taking new clients for my web design business in just a couple weeks to bring in some extra cash until I get a new job or (unless I get enough clients to replace the income I made on my old job.

Please go here to visit my company website: http://www.anointedpurposedesigns.com/ (NEW SITE WILL BE LAUNCHED SHORTLY!!!)

I am also going back to school to get my Master’s degree. Will write more about that later…..


  1. Carmine Crayon on December 11, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    Amazon has some cute stuff! Love the free shipping. I have a cart full of stuff for my niece and nephew + a furminator for the cats. lol. I’m up to $105. yikes! Free shipping tho.

  2. Carmine Crayon on December 11, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Oh, and my 2nd interview fell through. They decided to hold on hiring for the position. But I’d rather them to decide that now than hire me and lay me off 6 months later. I was praying for guidance on it b/c it’s a tough decision to leave a job you’re unhappy with when you aren’t being pushed out, in this economy. Plus the benefits weren’t as good as I was told initially. I’d end up paying 900 more a year for school, loosing 5 days vacation, sick time and wouldn’t be able to take any time for the first 6 months. Plus I’d loose company contributions for the first year on my 401k. I guess this is my answer!

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