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I found my house!!! and other details of my day

Farrah Love Da Kids and other Job Opportunities Part II

I went down to the school board this morning to see what exactly it would take to be certified in Elementary Education. Well he told me and the price he said was $110, but I went to the website that he provided me with and it says $125. WOW! The first website I went to said $56. I don’t know what it is. The study guide apparently used to be free. But now it is almost $6 per subject. I know you’re like, So what it is just $6…..That’s a lot for me right now.

I also thought about teaching Business Education. If any of you out there really know me, you know this would be a very strong area for me to teach in..Because I have a PLETHORA of knowledge in business. I am like a walking business encyclopedia and PLUS I do have a minor in Business Administration. I’m sure that will help out a lot should I decided to pursue this in addition or in lieu of getting certified in Elementary Education.

I also got a call today, which I haven’t had time to respond back to (Sorry Tom…I’ll be calling soon) about 2 job positions at CBN in Virginia Beach. One is Proofreader (I think) and the other is Writer. That would be cool. They also pay relocation fees, WHICH IS GREAT! But I am really praying and seeking God’s direction in the matter. I don’t want to move if Jacksonville is where God wants me to be (NO MATTER HOW MUCH I WANT TO LEAVE-LOL)

God please lead me and guide me to the right place to be at. Lord I just want to be in your will and in your way. Please guide me to make the God decision!

See my new house!!!!

While scouting houses today, I found the house that I am going to live in!!!! I have been passing the sign for a couple of weeks now and just today drove down to look at it. Now, it isn’t that 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 3700 sq ft. home that I always dreamed I would have for my first home….and when I went up to it I originally was just looking at it for scouting purposes, BUT…..when I started to look into the windows..the house just spoke to me.. (No it didn’t really talk to me….I’m not crazy!)

It spoke to my heart!!! As I looked through the windows, I could see myself living there!!! I could see my niece and nephew running through the yard playing, while my sister cooked outside on the grill. I could see my future adoptive and foster kids sleeping in their beds all snug and warm. I could see my family gathered in the den, while the fireplace is blazing while we watched whatever came out on DVD that week. (YES IT HAS A FIREPLACE!!!!!- although someone else will have to light it for me….I’m still not all that fond of fire, well at least starting fires anyway.) I just love the house. It’s not that big ..but I REALLY like it…..It would be GREAT for me!!!! Here is some more info on the house:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1.5 baths
  • Central Heat and Air
  • Prepaid Alarm
  • Remodeled Kitchen
  • Romodeled Baths
  • Fireplace
  • New Roof
  • Washer/Dryer Hookup
  • 1333 SQ FT (not that big..but I love it anyway!!!)
  • New Carpet
  • Nice Size Den
  • 1st Month Free!!! (Yes first month free)
  • No credit check!!!!
  • Only $350 DOWN (That’s righ tonly $350 down)

I’m sure the interest rate is pretty high considering it is a special program for people with “not so great” credit, but I could always get it refinanced later and I am sure I can work something out with the owners in which I put down a higher down payment so they lower the monthly payment.

Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for everything lining up so that I may get this house with good terms in Jesus name. All things that are standing in my way are removed now in the name of Jesus… I count it done…Amen

Well I am tired of writing, so I will come back another time and write some more.

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