Hey Everybody, I have my first (and hopefully only) interview today at 2:00pm…..Please pray for me thatI get the job TODAY!!!! IN JESUS NAME !

Let’s pray now….Heavenly Father, I come before you right now, first of all giving you thanks for the opportunity. I give you praise for allowing to pass my test on Monday. I thank you that you will give me the right words to say during my interview and that ALL fear and nervousness is eliminated now in Jesus name. I claim the job that I want Montessori grade 1-2 at JEF Elem. NOW in the name of Jesus and I thank you that this job is a stepping stone to many great things to come in the future.I thank you that you give me ALL the knowledge and the wisdom that I need to perform this job and that I will always be open to learning and receiving correction. I thank you that I can do all things through you, Christ Jesus. I ask you you right now for this job..Cause according to Matthew Chapter 7. You said ask and it shall be given, So Father God I am asking you now to give it to me . having full faith that you will do exactly as your word says you will do. Father I count it done right now in Jesus name AMEN!

I will let you guys know WHEN I get job….

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